Access and Map

We are at a great place to visit the center of Siem Reap

Psar Chaa
(Old market)
A local market.  You can feel the hustle and
bustle of the Asian.
Most of worker can speak English.
10 minutes by walk.
Pub Street The drinking capital of Siem Reap.  A lot of
tourists go for good restaurants and bars.
Especially good in the night and there is a fine
15 minutes by walk.
Angkor Night Market Popular place to buy Cambodian souvenirs.
You can find everything from a lot of stores in
this area.
15 minutes by walk.
IKTT Institute for Khmer Traditional Textiles.
You can see the weaves and also buy good
quality kramas, scarves, etc. here.
1 minutes by walk.
Crocodile Farm There are many many crocodiles are idly...
You can feed them and in that time, you will see
the crocodiles pulse. And buy crocodile goods.  
(Some country cannot bring it back.  You need to
check your countries rule)
10 minutes by walk.

A wide map.  The route 6 goes to Siem Reap Airport (left way) and to Phnom Penh
(right way).  Take to the north on the center's road named "Pokambor Ave", you
should see Angkor Wat.  The lively city is around "old market" area.  You will be fun
when you visit there.
"Frontier House" is bottom-left of this map.  Into a lane from river side route 63.

Close view map of "Frontier House".
The upside-right is old market area.
From the city, you will see a fountain statue of Naga. (Usually no water here..)
Come down by river side.  Then turn right at "Mr. Oil" (gas station) and "IKTT".
About 150 m, pass a hotel named "Traveler's INN" then you should see the "Frontier House" at left side!!

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