Pictures of Frontier House.
Please feel our atmosphere!!

When you click following pictures, you can see it bigger.

Entrance of Frontier House.
There are beautiful flowers you can see.

When our dog "KURO" was puppy.
What is a camera??

Our dogs were playing on a table.
They were soooo small.

Rooms are just simple and clean.
And a comfortable big bed.

This is the garden of Frontier House.
You can rest here anytime for freely.

A hammock!!
Says please sleep with me.

We have coconuts trees.
You can taste it if you can climb a tree...

In the room.
Cool table and chair has equipped.

Frontier House Original keychain.
It's cute isn't it!?

The sunrise with Angkor Wat.
When you come to Siem Reap, should see.

A picture of Beng Mealea.
Here like a fantasy world!!

A local market sells many things directly.
Like this tons of meat...

Can you see the moon!?
Mostly days you can see fine weather even when in the rainy season.

Near Frontier House.
There are still a lot of nature.

Our dog "KURO" again.
KURO means black in Japanese.

Welcome to Frontier House!!

Coconuts from our tree.
Of course we asked to take it a professional guy.
But we tried to cut it yourself.

After we ate a lotus seeds, it became a hat of KURO.


Almost the Sunset time.
How a beautiful sky!!

Her name is "SHIRO".
White in Japanese.
She loves to have a chair.

Bananas from our garden.
It was so sweet.
We tasted it with our guests.

A garden.
You can see a lot of greens and it is always cleaned.

At the night.  Here is not close from big road.
So the night is very quiet.